Road Map to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to launch a new business, LinkedIn is a social media channel that everyone should take full advantage of.  However, some people still look at LinkedIn as a just an online resume when it is so much more.

In this post we are going to discuss some of the features of LinkedIn and why they should be integrated into your own personal pages. Try out some of these features and watch as you network begins to thrive.

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Maintain a complete, up-to-date profile
Don’t be on LinkedIn just because you feel like you have to. It is the same as any other social media page; it requires attention and maintenance to reach its full potential. Start by making sure your headline is updated with your current position. Also, have a complete and full work history. A complete work history highlights your past experience and skills and shows the path that has take you to your current position. It is recommended to have at least three bullet points for each previous job.

Don’t ignore the summary section
Besides your picture and headline, the summary section is the first thing that jumps out to visitors of your profile. The summary offers an opportunity to speak directly with potential contacts. It is very important to consider the tone you are using while writing this section. Try to maintain professionalism, but also incorporate in your own personality. Think of this section like a cover letter; you want to highlight important aspects not mentioned in your work history.

Skills to pay the bills
Be creative when listing skills on your profile, but don’t lie or exaggerate expertise. Having skills listed on your profile further adds to your credibility. You can list up to 50 relevant skills, but as a bare minimum, we recommend highlighting at least ten. Feel free to endorse current/past colleagues on their skills; what goes around, comes around.

Be active in groups- Network, network, network
When it is all said and done, LinkedIn is about building and maintaining relationships with people. These tips will help you take full advantage of the features of the website, but it all becomes useless without that ten letter word, networking! By joining groups on LinkedIn you can share information and bounce ideas off like-minded people from your industry. This is a great way to expand your connections/network and can also lead to great opportunities in the future.

What are some of the features of LinkedIn that have benefited you the most? Share your comments and thoughts below!

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