No fans for your website? Here’s why!

If you build it…they will come. Right? Sure. But do they stay? Do they stay on your site and see what it has to offer; do they purchase items if applicable? Do they come back? Do they share your site with their network? These are the questions you should be asking yourself, not if people are looking at your website, but if they are engaging with it.

A little food for thought: On average, a visitor will leave your website in 10-20 seconds.

In a technology run world and where information is not scarce, the importance of your website content and viewer engagement is at an all time high. You’re not the only person to have a website providing a certain service or information, but you want to be the viewer’s favorite and “go-to” for what they need.

Here are the 5 reasons why visitors are not engaging with your website:

1)    Upload lag time – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Visitors to your site are going to expect that the website upload in 2 seconds otherwise they are clicking out and moving onto the next. No matter how incredible the information is that you provide, visitors are not going to wait patiently at your doorstep when they can get to your competitor’s site faster.

2)    Website Layout Issues

Remember, we live in a “got to have it now” generation and visitors skim through the information in hopes to find what they need quickly. The longer it takes for them to find what they are looking for or if it is difficult to maneuver through the website, they will “bounce” out. You need to build your website to be compatible with all devices, and have easy navigation for the skimmers.

3)    AutoPlay – just stop.

There is nothing worse than getting onto a website and a video starts automatically playing or a voice starts talking about the company out of nowhere. Visitors like to feel they are in control of the information they receive and if a video or music starts playing, they will instantly click out of the website to get rid of the annoyance.

4)    Boring Content

We get it; you want your homepage to look really professional, crisp and “pretty”. In all reality, when was the last time you entered a website through the homepage? Search engines don’t necessarily take a consumer to the homepage; it takes them to the page in which the content is they are looking for. So don’t put the focus on your homepage, put your focus on the content you are providing the viewers. Good content is pretty in itself.

5)    Update your blog- they are begging you!

When you say you have a blog, it should be updated with new information and intriguing content. Viewers love blogs because it can give them insight on product and knowledge they normally wouldn’t get from an ordinary website. It allows them to feel they are hearing directly from you. If someone comes to your site just for your blog and it hasn’t been updated in 4 months, Houston…we have a problem.

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