Down, Set… Check, Check out BTI’s New Custom Website


BTI Sports Advisors have been representing top tier NFL players since 1998, and with its new custom website, the sports advising company, can display the same elite talent that its clients do on Sundays.


The custom website uses hard-hitting, dramatic NFL photos to showcase the same passion BTI has when it comes to its clients. The main feature of the homepage is a rotating banner that features some of the company’s current clients in action. Below each picture is a quick description of the contract that BTI was able to negotiate on each player’s behalf. Further down the homepage, visitors are able to see a short list of some on the monstrous salaries BTI closed for a few more of its clients. The custom website is integrated with the content management system WordPress, which makes updating each player’s profile and information simple. As visitors navigate through the website, they can see the complete list of the 50 NFL players and coaches that BTI represents and view testimonials about BTI’s outstanding service from existing clients. Furthermore, visitors can also view the eight core services that the company provides to professional football players including contract negotiations, pre-draft training and marketing and public relations.

Goal of the Website

The goal of this website was to showcase the hard work and dedication that BTI brings to each and every one of its clients. We felt that the testimonials did a great job in getting this message across. There was even a testimonial from a president of an organization (whom BTI negotiated against) praising BTI’s negotiating tactics. We also wanted to showcase the skills of BTI. By showing the million dollar contracts that this company was able to close, visitors know that BTI can negotiate head to head with any sports agency. Convenience was also a huge factor when designing this custom website. Because of the WordPress integration, when BTI signs new clients it is simple to add the new client’s profile to the existing list.

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See the site at:

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