Springvale Dolls’ Purrfect Custom Website

Since 1993, Springvale Dolls have bred the highest quality ragdoll kittens because they breed for cat quality, not quantity. Springdale Dolls’ new custom website was designed with this philosophy in mind, quality over quantity.


The new custom homepage features a rotating banner that showcases the adorable kittens available for adoption through Springvale Dolls. Directly to the right of the banner, visitors are able to learn more about what kittens are available, as well as the breeding cats Springdale utilizes to create these pure blood ragdoll kittens. Social media has been integrated throughout the website to encourage two-way communication between the company and perspective adopters. The homepage features a custom YouTube video from the owner of Springvale Dolls describing her background, the company’s beginnings, and what sets Springvale’s ragdolls from the rest. Furthermore, visitors are able to connect with Springdale’s social media accounts from every page of the website and can also share kitten profiles on their own personal social media pages.

Goal of the Website

The focus of this website was to display the kittens that Springvale Dolls have available for adoption. Through the implementation of strategically placed photos and video, we were able to showcase the kittens in an adorable and loveable manner. By promoting strong relationships between Springdale and its customers via social media, we are able to establish a level of trust between the adopters and the current foster parents, Springdale Dolls. In addition, we wanted to have a strong focus on the breeding practices of the company. By providing plenty of information about the breeding process and breeding cats themselves, we were able to show customers exactly where these fine felines come from.

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See the site at: http://www.springvaledolls.com/

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