Stand Out From The Crowd- Personal Branding

With a jam-packed workweek, it can be tough to find time to improve your own personal brand. Nonetheless, whether you are looking for a new job or looking to move up from your current position, creating a strong personal brand can give your professional career that extra boost.

We have simplified it down into these five easy steps that most professionals let slip their minds. These easy tips will help you stand out from the pack, develop trust between you and your co-workers, as well as enhance your skills to succeed in your chosen industry.


1.    Be available

Don’t be afraid to do the grunt work on certain projects (especially if you are a recent graduate). It shows that you have a dedication to your job and are willing to put in the hours to learn. Be flexible, outgoing and do not shy away from new opportunities.

2.    Networking

You may be sick of hearing this word, but it is that important. Everywhere you go there are potential contacts to be made. Always keep your business cards on you at all times, not just at industry events. Don’t make the crucial mistake of thinking just because you have a job you are satisfied with, you don’t have to commit to networking.

3.    Follow-up/keep communication

Networking means nothing without a follow-up. Be inquisitive, ask questions, but take criticism well. By getting feedback right away, it shows that you care about your work and are willing to learn and improve. Initiating the relationship is only half the battle; nurturing the relationship is the real challenge. Without relationships, you’re no better than spam email.

4.    Always continue learning

There are plenty of training sessions and professional workshops to continue expanding your knowledge. Take performance reviews to heart. If your boss suggests your writing can improve, find a writing workshop to take. Don’t be afraid to enroll in a class or workshop that can add skills to your resume.

5.    Leave ego at the door

Don’t think you are too cool or too successful to follow these tips. If you find yourself becoming frustrated, don’t let that emotion distract you from your job responsibilities. If you are looking to move up from your current position, don’t be afraid to set measurable goals to help you achieve that success.

What tactics have helped you develop your personal brand?

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