Extreme Makeover: Facebook Edition

Facebook has been renovating things lately! Last week they came out with the redesigned news feeds; however that was only one of the many updates that will be happening.  Facebook has announced that it will be rolling out with a new, “streamlined” look for their business pages. The appearance will be changed for both the visitors and the page admins.



Visitor View

The redesign will include the same page information except the left column will now include information about the brand and the right column is now the page’s timeline. The, “Invite Your Friends” section has now moved to the left side of the screen as well.

Page Admin View

The major changes for page admins include a new metrics section located on the far right side that includes information about ads and other metrics. A, “Pages to Watch” option is now available for all admins. This will allow page admins to monitor competition even closer in terms of metrics like engagement and likes.

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Are you ready for the change? If you have any questions or concerns, comment below!


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