LinkedIn Kills Products and Services Tab: How Do You Deal?

If you have a LinkedIn Company Page for your business, you’ve probably received the email by now that LinkedIn’s Products and Services tab will soon be a thing of history. If you haven’t seen this message, check your email, don’t panic, but more importantly – keep reading.

On April 14th, LinkedIn will be removing the Products and Services tabs for good. Luckily, the friendly folks at LinkedIn did offer a couple of alternatives for promoting products and services; including product Showcase Pages and status updates. This post will discuss in more depth the benefits that can be gained from using Showcase Pages as well standard updates to draw attention to our products and services.

What are Product Showcase Pages?
Showcase Pages were introduced in late 2013 and are extensions of a Company Page that highlights or showcases a specific branded product, service or company initiative. Showcase Pages allow you to target a more specific audience and provide that audience with more relevant and specific information regarding that product or service they consume. This provides an even more tailored relationship builder to add value to your existing LinkedIn page.

To give you an example, at Stellar Blue we have created two Showcase Pages. One designated for our Stellar Analytics package, and another page that highlights our educational workshops.stellar ana

The key to the effectiveness of your Showcase Page is not much different from your Company Page. Remember that just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. Take the necessary steps to strategize and plan the use of Showcase Pages, and stick to your plan.

Don’t forget those Status Updates!
Status updates are another way you can promote your products and services without having the designated Products and Services tab. If you have a following to your Company Page, they’re following your updates. Use this channel as a creative way to communicate the benefits and advantages your product or service offers the consumer. Create memorable and relatable messages with attention grabbing packaging to get people interested in exploring more about your offerings. Encourage engagement, listen to your audience and provide appropriate feedback and follow-ups to convert those interested explorers into proud users.

For inspiration on how to set up your own Showcase page, check out our Showcase Pages for Stellar Analytics as well as our Workshops Page. Still want more hands-on? Join us on June 25th at the Stellar Blue studio for our LinkedIn for Business Growth Workshop! This hands-on workshop takes you beyond the basics of managing your company’s LinkedIn presence and growing your influence. Click here to register!


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