How to Craft an Insanely Effective Blog Post

There are hundreds of thousand of blog posts on the Internet. Everyone and their second cousin seem to be blogging! However, not everyone is blogging effectively. Creating a great blog post isn’t necessarily an easy thing. There are many intricacies to consider when formatting your blog post, writing the content, and sprucing it up visually to appease your audience. This blog post will give you some great tips for success when crafting your own!

Include crazy cool eye-catching titles and sub titles! – It’s important to have eye catching headers within your blog post. Also, make sure you have multiple sub headers to chunk your information into digestible sections. If you have long text heavy paragraphs, people will not be able to skim through and pick out sections to quickly read.

Y_u_no copyInclude a variety of media within every blog post! – To make a blog post eye catching you need to include more than just text. There are a wide variety of things you can include in your posts such as images, video, audio, embedded polls, links to other pages, etc. The more engaging your blog post is the more successful it will be!

Keep your writing concise! – Writing blog posts that effectively give people information while remaining compact is key. However, this is actually more time consuming than writing longer posts. A great quote from Shakespeare illustrates this point perfectly when he wrote, “ I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it short.” Being straight to the point and effectively communicating the same message with fewer words is what your readers want because in the end it saves them time.

Proof Read! – Havng posts with a a lot of miss spelld words will instantly destry teh validityy of your blgo – see what I mean? A great proof reading trick is to read sentences out loud in reverse order. This allows you to edit them out of context. You will be amazed at how many more errors you can spot with this technique! (Here’s a list of more tips.)

In general, have fun! – You aren’t trying to put people to sleep, you need to make whatever you are blogging about seem like the best thing since canned ham! However, watch out for being too cheesy because that can turn people away as well. You have to maintain a balance of enthusiasm while still remaining professional. All in all, just try to stay positive and don’t stress out too much about blogging. Now go out there and start blogging!

Do you ever include an engaging question at the end of your posts?

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