Analytics – The Hype is Real

There is no doubt that consumers are now going online to do their buying and research. The days of window-shopping are vastly dwindling away. How can you ensure your business does not get left behind?  What works for consumers, what attracts them, what drives them away?


Have no fear, with analytics; all of these questions can be answered! With analytics, such as the amazing Stellar Analytics [click here to watch!], your business can take a giant leap ahead of your competitors by understanding what consumers want and what motivates them to make a buying decision.

With analytics you can spend more time promoting and growing your business while letting analytics decipher the psychology behind the consumer’s buying decision process.

Here’s how:

1. Understand your lingo – Analytics will actually tell you what keywords are attracting consumers to your site. By doing so, you can develop powerful phrases and keywords that drive more traffic to your site. You can also find out how long a customer was on your page for, are they new or existing, if they visited any other page on your site and analytics can tell what a search lead to; a sale, a lead, or a contact?

2. What works with social media – Establish the ROI of traffic coming from social media sites and measure how they lead to direct conversions or assist in future conversions. By knowing this, you can better create marketing strategies for your social media pages.

3. Understand what is working and not working on your page – Why spend money or utilize a tool that is not helpful to your consumers? Analytics can assist by showing you what pages were actually successful to consumers in finding what they need. By knowing what doesn’t work allows you to fix the issue to make it a better experience for your consumer.

Analytics can do so much more for your business! How much more? Find out at one of our analytics workshops! You can find and register for them here!


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