American Digital Cartography, Inc.’s New Custom Website

American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi) has been providing digital map data and services to engineers, GIS professionals and developers for the past 26 years. With the launch of ADCi’s new custom website, visitors will not need a map to navigate through this new terrain.


The homepage of the new website features a custom rotating banner that highlights the many products and services that ADCi has to offer. Directly below the banner, three of ADCi’s more popular products are highlighted with strategically placed links. The three products include NAVTEQ/HERE and TomTom, both leading providers of location based content, and the ADC world map, the most detailed digital atlas available. Another feature of the homepage is the continuously updating Twitter feed that keeps visitors up to date with ADCi. Additional features of the website include responsive web design, allowing the website to adjust itself to fit any mobile device, and WordPress integration, making updates simple and quick. To increase the user experience, we added large drop-down menus and a custom search feature, making the navigation of the website quite simple.

Goal of the website

ADCi helps people who are lost find their way and we designed this website with that in mind by focusing on the user experience and the quality of ADCi’s products. By integrating the large dropdown menus, the main products and services are broken down into specific areas for user convenience. In addition, ADCi’s three main products are accessible from every screen and have a prominent position directly on the homepage. Furthermore, if users still can not find exactly what they are looking for, the search bar will allow them to browse the entire website using keywords and phrases.

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See the site at:


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