Everyone is a Fan of Quality – What is Your Score?

Google-Adwords-300x300 (1)In order to understand how to improve your Quality Score, you must first understand what, a Quality Score is. Google defines a Quality Score as a “measurement of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to a person seeing your ad.” Higher Quality Scores can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.

Quality Scores with Google AdWords are measured by a secret formula, but there are a few indicators that have been exposed to affect how your Quality Score is measured. These major factors indicate relevance, quality and performance. this post will go over some areas that any internet marketing or Google AdWords campaign manager should focus on if they wish to improve that Quality Score.

Focus your attention on the data – 

Dig deep into the data provided by your previous campaigns, and really try to understand what is it those numbers are telling you. Just because one campaign has more click-throughs than another, doesn’t necessarily mean that campaign was more successful. Did that campaign yield higher conversions? Did that campaign drive sales? What was the quality of the traffic?

Be more specific with your keywords – 

Think like your customer. If you are an online retailer of all-natural dog treats, try using keywords like “buy all-natural dog treats online,” instead of broad keywords such as, “dog treats”. You may not have as many click-throughs on this ad, but the clicks that you do get are quality, ready-to-buy visitors. Your Quality Score can be affected negatively when your ad keeps showing up for searchers only looking for their own recipes to make all-natural dog treats. Ultimately your ad under performs, and in addition, those searchers who clicked on your ad do not want to purchase from you anyway, making your ad irrelevant as well.

Focus on quality, not quantity – 

Everything from your click-through rates, how many impressions your ad gets, and even down to your choice in keywords are all indicators of the quality of traffic vs. quantity. It’s so easy to get swept away by large numbers, but it can also be easy to drown in those large numbers if you’re not taking advantage of the high-quality numbers. Pay attention to your conversion rates, they should be getting more in balance with your click-through rates.

Finally, and this is for any AdWords user, always remember to test, test, test! Internet marketing changes by the hour. The best way to know what works best for you, is to try, analyze and try again.

If you’re looking for more tips to help improve your Quality Score, feel free to contact the team at Stellar Blue. We’d love to chat about what we can do with our quality team!


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