Wearable Technology; The Future is Here

Wearable Technology

This year wearable technology has been trending all over the web and in the media. Wearable technology has tapped into many different industries including: health and wellness, vision and mobile.

Health and Wellness

Many health and wellness wearables  provide similar tracking systems. Many track daily activity, steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and resting moments. Most of these new wellness wearables allow consumers to download an App which allows them to input their daily calorie intake and make health goals.


Google Glass and smart contact lenses are two examples of what is to come for wearable technology for our eyes. Google Glass is a wearable computer. The device is worn similar to glasses. There is a time-line feature that goes across your lenses and your eye movement controls what you search for.

google glass

The company Innovega is changing what contacts can do for your vision. Their wearable iOpik lenses enhance your focus abilities. Their contacts allow you to see near and far at levels that are higher than a normal eye can. Innovega also created iOpik glasses to incorporate with the lenses.

Mobile Watches

Smart watches were created to sync with or replace your cell phone. These touch screen watches allow you to take calls, answer texts, look at emails and check social media.

mobile watch

To learn more about what is trending with technology take a look at our three-part blog from the 2014 International CES Conference.

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