Tweet Smarter, Not Harder!

Twitter has been around since 2006 and many businesses are using it to promote their brands and connect with their target market. It is a great marketing tool to interact with your consumers, but is anyone responding?

#How to increase your retweets

Using more # hashtags will increase the chances of your tweet getting retweeted or favorited. Since Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters this can be a challenge. If you find yourself running out of space abbreviate your hashtag. On Thursdays instead of using #throwbackthrusday use #tbt. If you are doing your own company campaign or event make up your own hashtag for followers to use.

Twitter Hash


Having @ mentions in your tweets will help you increase your interaction as well as your chances of tweets being retweeted. Mentions allows you to send messages directly to followers to ask for their input or provide them with information.


#Use Photos

Add an image to your tweet when it applies. If you are promoting products or events adding an image will increase the odds of followers to click on or retweet your tweet.

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#Mix Up Tweet Times

Mix up the time  and days that you are posting. If your company is consistently sending tweets at 9:00am and continue to receive no response it is time to change it up! Many people do not check their Twitter account until after work. Posting closer to the end of the day could increase your interaction with you followers.

#Change Your Display

Change the way your tweet is displayed. Capital letters, exclamation marks and question marks should be used when tweeting. Capital letters and exclamation marks engage followers to want to read your content. Asking a question to followers will increase your interaction with users. Followers like to know that your business needs their input.

At the end of the day, once you have engaged with followers on Twitter you will begin to see more interaction and  the retweets that your business has yearn for.

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