5 Tools to Make Managing Your Social Media Fast and Fun!

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We’ve all heard it said, Social Media Managers have the fun job. They spend their days on Facebook, sharing memes and watching cat videos – piece of cake! Well, that’s not always true. Managing a social brand across multiple channels can be overwhelming, time consuming and downright chaotic. But don’t worry! There are tools out there that put some of the fun back in social media.

HootSuite and SproutSocial –
HootSuite and SproutSocial are both social media management dashboards that allow you to view, manage and post to multiple accounts across multiple channels all at one time. You can schedule content for future posting, assign tasks amongst team members, and measure the effectiveness of your efforts all in one simple dashboard. Both services provide valuable tools for making managing multiple accounts less overwhelming.

Pixabay –
Pixabay is a completely free stock image site that allows you to browse through and pick from thousands of clip art, vector images, and digital photos that are free to use and perfect for quick social sharing.

Overgram –
Overgram is a smartphone application available iOS and Android devices. Overgram is very similar to Instagram with one extra feature, text! That’s right, turn your beautifully filtered original images into sharable, marketable rich media content in just seconds from anywhere you are! This way, you can create your own funny or inspirational memes!

Whims –
Whims is a smartphone application available iOS and Android that allows you to make eye-catching rich media out of your favorite quotes and messages. We all love sharing our favorite motivational and inspirational quotes to our social audience. Now you can maximize the reach of those quotes by turning them into works of digital art in just seconds! Simply type, browse through pre-set styles, fonts, sizes, colors and backgrounds and you’re ready to share!

TimelineImageTool.com –
TimelineImageTool.com is a very cool free tool that allows you to quickly and very easily optimize your page’s cover photo and even your custom tab images! This is perfect for any Facebook administrator who needs to quickly update a cover photo or tab image on-the-go and in minutes.

There you have it! 5 awesome tools to help make your social media management fun again! There are hundreds of similar tools available out there, try a couple of them out for yourself, you may find yourself loving what you do!

The Crew at Stellar Blue is always on the lookout for fun, creative and handy tools! Contact the team to see what we can find for you! We also encourage you to signup for our workshop on February 27th where we will explore more ways to manage social media. Click here to register!

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