Stellar Blue Welcomes New Addition: Shelby Milock!

My name is Shelby Milock and I am proud to join the Stellar Blue team as the new Social Media Strategist. I am a marketing, business management and entrepreneurship graduate with experience in start-ups and small businesses dating back to my very first job.

Philanthropy is a core value that I possess. On my 21st birthday, while trying to raise money for my local animal shelter, I had an idea to use my social media skills for more than just my social life. Teaming communities together, and celebrating kindness is truly the reason I love this career, but the nonprofit initiatives I have established gave me my first taste of the power social media can have. This initiative validated my career choice for me.

I undoubtedly have a personal passion for making a difference and seeing results. I believe my personal passion ultimately drove me to a career in marketing and business because I am able to drive results, and make a difference in an organization. Social media puts the icing on the cake for me. Social media provides instant results and real time communication with vast markets across the world, it’s truly incredible.

I believe Stellar Blue has organized an invaluable team of skilled and passionate individuals, and I am excited beyond words to be a part of it. I am looking forward to the opportunity to advance my skills and knowledge, and experience all that Stellar Blue has to offer.

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