Sharing: It’s All about Connecting

Content shares are the best method to measure your social media reach. When individuals share or retweets a post, they are putting their stamp of approval on your message. This means the message has resonated with the followers so well that they felt compelled to share the content with their friends and family.






Check out these 4 helpful hints to increase the sharing of your brands social posts:

1.     Give your audience what they need 

It may sound simple at first, but in order for posts to resonate with the audience, you need to be generating content that appeals to your target market! By providing content the audience is searching for, the organization will quickly build up a rapport with its followers. Some easy tips to get started, research key word volumes to find out what people are searching for. Also, ask the sales department what consumers are consistently asking about. Finally, research your blog and competitors blogs to find what topics your target audience is commenting on.

2.     Be consistent and relevant

Once you have hooked your audience, you are faced with the even more difficult task of retaining them. How do you do this? You have to constantly provide relevant, actionable and engaging content. Try and integrate your brand’s personality into each post and keep the same voice across each social channel.

3.     Don’t forget about the pictures and graphics

Pictures, video and other graphics stand out to people a lot more than text and links. Try and pair your social media posts with interesting and engaging graphics that will make your audience stop and take a second look, while they are scrolling through their news feed.

4.     Nostalgia and humor can be your friend (sometimes)

Remember the goal here is to connect with your audience. Using nostalgia and humor builds a relationship and statistically leads to higher reach on posts. However, always keep your brand’s personality and the channel you are using in mind. If your brand has a serious voice, do not begin to confuse your audience by switching to humor. Likewise, within a channel like LinkedIn, humor should be used with caution because of the nature of LinkedIn’s user base.

What strategies have worked well for you and your brand?

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