ESG’s New Website: Custom Design for Custom Communication

ESG’s New Website: Custom Design for Custom Communication

Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) has been providing reliable technology solutions to Wisconsin companies for more than 38 years and with their new website, ESG will continue to thrive for years to come. With its many custom designed features, the website is easily navigable and provides easy dialogue between ESG and its customers.


When visitors first view ESG’s new homepage, their attention will be instantly drawn to the custom-rotating wheel that features the five core product industries the company provides. With each turn of the wheel, a different industry is highlighted to the left, along with an engaging photo and brief description. Client testimonials is another great feature on the ESG website. Visitors are able to navigate through the many different industries ESG serves, while viewing what current customers have to say about the company’s past work.  The site also features a backend client portal for internal communication between ESG and its customers. Further features of the custom designed website includes WordPress integration and responsive web design, making the website compatible with mobile devices.

Goal of the website

The website was designed to communicate ESG’s products as well as their great relationships with customers. Right away from the homepage, visitors can tell what sectors of technology ESG specializes in and that they have received great reviews from current customers. ESG has prided itself on communication being an integral part of its business philosophy and that is what we have conveyed with this site, easy and direct communication.

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See the site at:


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