Content is the Key to Your SEO Strategy!

SEO is a concept and practice that will never cease to exist as long as we have the world wide web. This is a concept that brands spend multiples of dollars on trying to master. Don’t break your budget trying to be number 1 in the search engines, simply master the technique of content marketing.

Content is the key that will open the door to search engine optimization. When you give consumers what they are looking for, your Content Marketingcontent will show up in the search engines. The more your content shows up in the search engines, the higher your website will rank.

Here are some content marketing tips and tricks that will surely land you on the page to success!

Focus on what is trending: Facebook and Twitter allow for users to see topics that are trending. Utilize some of these topics in your content strategy and try to relate them to your brand.

Market Research: It’s been around for ages, but market research can’t be stressed enough when it comes to content. What are your consumers reading, buying, using, sharing? Ask multiple questions that will get your brand the answers it needs to produce quality content your consumers want.

Keyword Use: It is a very traditional way of search engine optimization, but using keywords in your written content within your site as well as your blog, is still used as a way for search engines to find you. However, do not just use them without meaning or connection to your content, as that will affect your site negatively. Use keywords because they are actually relevant to the content you are producing.

Social Media: Social media has taken a front seat in content marketing. It is where you will have the most engagement with your audience, which is key  as search engines look at social media interaction when they index. Social media links also offer credible backlinks for your website.

Never fear the SEO experts are here! Let Stellar Blue’s in-house experts help you to create a content marketing and seo strategy that will be sure to rank your brand high in the search engines!

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