The Truth Is, Consumers Build Your Brand!

According to Nielsen research, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other type of advertising.  As we analyze marketing trends over the past 2 years, the focus has become purely social. Brands may set goals like increasing the number of likes on Facebook or getting over 1000 followers on Twitter. These brands are doing right when they set goals, however, they may lose focus as to what their main goal for being on social media is in the first place. Social media marketing originally became popular due to word of mouth, which is really the main focus that one should have. Instead of increasing likes and gaining followers, it should be how do we get people to share our message?

There are several ways for a brand to engage in and use word-of-mouth advertising to increase their customer growth. word-of-mouth

Reviews:  64% of consumers read online reviews before making purchase decisions. The key to reviews, is how you monitor and handle them. There are a ton of review sites on the web including yelp and You should always be monitoring what consumers are saying. If you offer a product or service you truly believe in, you should not be too worried about bad reviews, but in the instance one does occur, make sure to follow up with that consumer and offer them something that will change their attitude  towards your brand.

Testimonials: These should be credible and authentic. If you know a consumer has had a highly satisfying experience with your brand, ask them to share. Utilize testimonials on your website as well as in your advertising.  It is always beneficial to include a photo with your testimonial for added credibility.

Make sharing easy: Don’t forget about the social media sharing options. Include social media icons in all aspects of your website and branding elements. Make it easy for your consumers to spread the word about your brand to others.

Create an awesome customer experience: Last, but certainly not least, your product or service needs to instill such emotion into your consumer, that they want others to feel the same way. Make sure you walk with your consumer in every step of the purchase process as well as the post-purchase to make sure they are highly satisfied. One way to make your consumers feel important is to make them feel like a company insider. Test new products with your consumers, or give them deals on newly launched products just for following your brand.

Don’t just plan for now, plan for the future! Utilize word of mouth advertising that will build your consumer base for years to come! With our in-house experts, Stellar Blue will help you to setup long-term marketing goals to stay ahead of your competition!

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