What Will be the Next Big Social Media Network?

Social media is always changing and evolving. New Social media networks are being created daily, but which ones will survive?

weheartitHave you heard of We Heart It yet? We Heart It is growing, and fast! Each month there are 1 million new followers!  With that much traffic, it is something worth keeping an eye on! What is We Heart It? We Heart It is an image-based social network created in 2008 by Fablio Giolito. We Heart It describes itself as, “A home for your inspiration” and a place to “Organize and share the things you love.”   You can join this site via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This integration allows users to share the images they “heart”  without having to leave the site! Businesses have begun to use We Heart It as a marketing tool.


Ev Williams and Biz Stone, creators of Blogger and Twitter, have a created a new form of blogging called,Medium. It allows you to share ideas and stores not just to your friends, but the entire web. Medium encourages you to write together, bounce ideas off each other, and collaborate together. If you have enjoyed Blogger and Twitter, you will enjoy this combination of the two!


Wouldn’t you like to get to know your neighbors and community better? That is the purpose of the new social media site, Nextdoor. Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods. Unlike most social media networks, Nextdoor is a private site. The site requires a signature from anyone who wants to join. There are over 26,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. that have joined Nextdoor. If you have just moved into a new home this is a great way to meet the neighbors!

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