What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas Part II

Stellar Blue’s Technical Director Dustin White wrapped up day two of four of the 2014 International CES Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dustin has been able to see what 2014 will bring for  new gadgets and technology. Dustin wanted to share what new technology we can expect to see this year.

1525311_10152115933742552_577832327_nGrocery shopping made easy

Cisco is changing the way consumers grocery shop. Grocery stores are making apps for you phone or tablet, to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. The app will have an internal GPS system that shows you where you are located in the store and where the item is that you are looking for.  When you need help finding an item the app from your phone can send a signal to an employee and they will meet you at your location. Employees will find your location because the shopping carts will have sensors placed on them that allows the store to track where customers are. The shopping cart sensors will also keep track of shopping habits of customers to see where high traffic areas are throughout the store.

SonyLooking to improve your tennis game?

In 2014 Sony will launch this bluetooth Tennis Sensor. The racquet allows you to test your tennis swing and send your information to an app on your phone or tablet. This app monitors your progress and gives you tips to improve your tennis game.


“My second day of the conference focused on sensor technology. In 2014 we will expect to see new devices that evolve sensory technology and app development that use this technology.” – Dustin White Technical Director

Would you like to see more of Dustin’s photos from the 2014 International CES Conference? View all of his photos on Stellar Blue’s Facebook Page.

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