What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Our very own Technical Director, Dustin White  was able to attend the 2014 International CES Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This four day event showcases the future of technology. There will be over 200,000 products launched in 2014 alone! Dustin was able to get a glimpse into the future at some of these astonishing products.

What to look forward to this year:

AUDIQualComm Technologies launched an integrated car hardware product, Gobi. Gobi allows you to communicate with your car through 3g and 4g cell phones. The hardware has an API in it which allows consumers to create custom Apps for their car. Consumers can create  Apps to start their cars, change the temperatures and enforce a security system! Dustin was able to see firsthand how Gobi  integration was used in this Audi!

Samsung will be launching a high resolution NotePro and TabPro tablet this year. These latest tablets focus on productivity for the user. As shown in this picture Dustin is using the dual screen feature. This allows users to have two applications to be open and viewed side by side instead of having to switch screens.


“I am thrilled to be at the 2014 CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. My mind is spinning from all the new gadgets being showcased. I’m looking forward to see what the rest of the conference has in store and I’m enjoying Nevada’s warm weather!” – Dustin White, Technical Director

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