The Verdict is In: Mobilize Your Marketing in 2014

Mobile MarketingDid you know that in 2013, mobile made up 15% of all e-commerce sales? It’s no secret that mobile usage is on the rise; in fact 2014 is predicted to be the year that smartphone usage becomes an everyday majority activity in the U.S., and around the world. Now, more than ever, is the time to mobilize your brand’s marketing. This doesn’t just mean mobile ads; it also means engaging with your users in real time and increasing the speed that you respond to your consumers.

When people think mobile, they assume smartphone usage, but the mobile trend includes tablets. 20% of American tablet owners use them to shop more than once a week. If not making a purchase, tablets are always involved in the buying process, most prominent in the information search phase.  Even if consumers are not actively looking to purchase something, their mind is still subconsciously shopping. This makes it important to be able to view and interact with all aspects of your brand on any device.

So what are the marketing techniques that your brand needs to mobilize in 2014?

E-mails: According to Litmus, 51% of email is now opened on a mobile device. This means that you can’t just send out your typical e-mail blast. If your audience can’t read the e-mail, chances are they never will, and straight to the trash it will go. Make sure to optimize your e-mails for mobile in order to engage your target audience. Click here for tips on how to create e-mails for mobile devices.

Website: This statistic will really blow your mind. 46% of visitors will never return to your mobile site again if it is not working correctly. Can you imagine what the rate is if you don’t have a mobile site at all? 2014 is the year for responsive design. Responsive design allows you to create one website for several devices, including mobile (tablets and smartphones).  Click here to learn more about responsive design.

Display Ads: Google AdWords is an ever popular way to advertise on the internet. When browsing on a desktop computer you see display ads for your favorite brands on almost every site that you visit. It’s time to start creating these display ads not only for desktop, but for mobile. This means that dimensions and designs for your ads need to be updated in order to be viewed successfully on a mobile device.

Have no fear, the Stellar Blue crew is here! Our team is here to help your brand stay up to date with digital trends, as they constantly change. Allow us to help you stay ahead of your competition for the future. For more information on responsive design, AdWords campaigns or optimizing your e-mail marketing, contact the team at Stellar Blue!

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