Do you have a remodeling project? Let Houzz help!

HouzzWhat is Houzz? Houzz is an online platform that provides homeowners with information on how to improve their homes from start to finish. The site features over 60 different categories including remodeling, interior design, decorating, landscape design and home improvement.  Co-founders Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen created the site in 2009 after their very own remodeling project.

Find Your Design

People can browse through over 2,000,000 home design photos that feature a wide variety of popular building, designing and remodeling spaces. You can find inspiration for your space and get tips from others who have done the same project.  If you have a specific design in mind their database allows you to filter by style, color, materials and geographic area.

Find The Right Products For Your Space

Once you find the photo you would like to transform your space into there is always a struggle in finding the products that are in the photo. Houzz takes care of this for you on their products page. There are over 1,800,000 products that you can browse through and purchase.  This is convenient and eliminates the stress of shopping.

Need Help? Find A Pro!

One of the greatest features on the site is the search for a professional tool. If you need a professional to assist you with any projects Houzz can help you find the best near you! The site allows you to message  a contractor or designer with any questions about their work and read reviews from the community.  Not only does the site help homeowners it is a great marketing tool for businesses in this industry.

Architectural interior of craftsman style kitchen.This helpful site is constantly growing as home design grows.  You will no longer need to cut out pictures from magazines. Houzz should be your go to site for all of your home projects! Contact us if you have any questions!

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