Appleton Sign Company’s New Website: Features that Make a First Impression

When a company is trying to make a lasting first impression their building sign says it all! Appleton Sign Company is a full service sign shop that specializes in the design, fabrication, installation and service of signs of all types, regionally and nationally. Their newly designed website has enough specialty features and images on site to address the needs of their clientele.


A company’s first impression is their building sign. Stellar Blue took that mentality when creating Appleton Sign’s new custom website. When entering the site visitors are greeted with large rotating images that showcase many of Appleton Sign’s products and services.  Before the virtual fold there are three outstanding call-to-action buttons that intrigue visitors to explore further throughout the site’s main focuses: Why, What, and Go. Throughout the entire site the social media and navigation bars remain at the top of the page, which makes content easily accessible.

Goal of Website

The sites main purpose is to provide solutions for Appleton Sign’s potential clients needs, while meeting quality expectations. In order to display this quality of work a “portfolio” tab was placed within the top navigation bar. This tab has a photo gallery which provides clients examples of completed projects. For Appleton Sign’s convenience the site includes WordPress integration and responsive web design. WordPress will give Appleton Sign the ability to easily update blog posts, site content, and photo gallery images. Responsive web design adapts the site so it can be viewed on any mobile or desktop device. Meaning the website can automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen that the viewer is using.

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See the site at:






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