New Years Resolution 2014; Marketing Edition

Getting a bull's eye on 2014 marketing.As you know, the marketing field is never stagnant and in 2013 the landscape undertook some drastic changes. Last year saw huge shifts in the digital landscape with social media becoming increasingly important. There was also a drastic increase in the use of mobile devices. This year holds unlimited possibilities for the advancements of the marketing field. Below are some of the most exciting trends expected for 2014.

Social Media Increases Relevancy

Social media is here to stay and its importance to consumers continues to grow. There will be a huge increase in social advertising on the main platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – in 2014. Search engines will continue to take into account social signals. Networking within niche communities will continue to be important, as AuthorRank will become even more mainstream. Also, customer service related conversations will be conducted on social media platforms more than ever before!

Content Marketing is Still King

Yes, content is still king; however, how people find will change. Google recently released their Hummingbird update, which takes into account much more than keywords! Google now focuses on the quality of the content; it’s engagement, and the freshness. Gone are the days of throwing up blog posts that contain a multitude of keywords. This year will bring quality content on web pages including explanatory how-to guides, longer articles, and descriptive tutorials that can answer people’s questions. Essentially, your content will need to be for humans, not for search engines.

Online Audience Optimization (OAO) Becomes the Norm

The old SEO system could soon be irrelevant and OAO or online audience optimization will be the replacement. OAO essentially rates web pages with the user in mind rather than keywords. It will rate the best content that gets the most human engagement to determine website ranking. OAO is already around in moderation but 2014 could be the pivotal point when this method of searching takes over.

Mobile Cannot be overlooked

The trends are predicting this year to be huge for mobile marketing. Mobile adoption has been the fastest technology adoption in human history and business is quickly shifting to these devices. This year there will be an increase in mobile geographic targeting, content will become shorter for mobile users and gamification of mobile ads will continue. If you thought 2013 was a big year for mobile, 2014 is going to see an even bigger changes.

Keeping all of these things in mind, 2014 is going to be an exciting year for marketing. Social media use will increase, OAO will be on its way to domination, and mobile marketing will see drastic new innovations. Now that you know some of the trends, what is your 2014 mobile resolution?

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