LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Social Media Landing Pages

LinkedIn Showcase PagesWith its vast selection of appropriate industry oriented content and networking opportunities, LinkedIn has become the largest professional social media network for general users and businesses alike. In an effort to improve the already capable network, LinkedIn has introduced Showcase Pages allowing businesses to boost the effectiveness of their content. Here’s more information on what Showcase Pages actually are and how you can start using them for your business today!

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

Similar to a landing page on your website, Showcase Pages are an extension of a company’s main LinkedIn page that allow brands with multiple marketing messages to segment those messages and deliver them to the appropriate audiences. Especially for companies with a diverse network of product and service solutions, each specific product or service can have its own page and messages with its own goals while still being associated with the larger brand. It’s like having a group of teams in a brick and mortar store that serve to support customers in each specific department.

What Can I Use Them For?

Targeting – As stated earlier, these pages can be used to target specific audiences. If you already know your distinct audiences, you can better target each segment effectively. If you’re not sure if you have different audiences, showcase each individual product or service to uncover any audience differences. Use LinkedIn’s built in analytics to assess each page’s audience demographics and tendencies.

Content Reach – With all of the hard work that you put into your content creation, Showcase Pages offer another avenue to increase the reach and effectiveness of that content. You can post company announcements, news, webinars, blogs and more that will resonate with each customer group.

A/B Testing – A/B testing messages the right way on social media channels can be difficult to do without muddying the waters with multiple accounts. With the Showcase Pages, you can create two different pages for one audience to then see what content on each page works the best. Then, you can replicate the successes on your other channels!

How to Implement Showcase Pages

  1. First, identify the goals that you want to accomplish with the Showcase Pages. It helps to have a clear direction before getting started!
  2. Click on “Edit” in the upper right corner of your company page and then select “Create a Showcase Page”.
  3. Start sharing your content and messages! It’s that easy!

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