This Holiday Jason Would Like…

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I don’t mean to be greedy but this holiday season my wish list consists of what I call the, ‘Google Awesome Pack.’

The first piece of this package is a Chomecast so that I can stream any and all media from any of my Android devices to my TV. This means the next time I am laughing hysterically at the latest YouTube video but no one else can see it, I can just send it to the big screen so everyone can join in my amusement.

The second piece of the awesome pack is a Chromebook Pixel. I am not even being picky with this one; I will take the 32-gigabyte Wi-Fi only edition. The 239 pixels per inch will really make my photography hobby come to life on the screen.

Lastly, I want Google Glass. Not only will it make me look stylish (as I always aim to do) but also I think there are so many great possibilities that come with it. I think this will also help people see my point of view. I hope I have been good enough to receive these gifts this year… and I know you’re reading this, Google.

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