Home of Refuge International’s New Website: Supporting a Cause

When we think of nonprofit websites, we often think plain pages that are packed with paragraphs of information that lack photos and features to draw in visitors. With the inclusion of an outstanding theme and refreshingly concise information about their cause, the Home of Refuge International is sure to differentiate itself and draw in a supportive crowd with the launch of their new custom website.


Occupying the homepage of the Home of Refuge International’s website are large rotating images that depict a sense of community and safety that attribute to the cause. Along with the homepage rotation, a bright and exciting theme is present throughout the website that draws visitors in to learn more about the problem and how they can help. Along with the stunning homepage features, the site incorporates Google Translate to extinguish any language barriers and to increase its reach.

Goal of Website

Stellar Blue was originally contacted about the project from a previous client that had been working with them for other nonprofit needs throughout the past two years. This opportunity allowed Stellar Blue to incorporate their website expertise to coincide with the goal of spreading the information and support about the Home of Refuge International’s cause. WordPress has accordingly been included within the site to allow for the easy updating of their important content.

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The Results

See the site at http://refugiointernational.org/

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