Gail Popp & Barb Merry’s New Website: Stunning Imagery

With the launch of their new custom website, Gail Popp & Barb Merry have made their home on the web in an effort to build their brand and a community. Whether you are looking to buy your next dream home or to put your current home on the market, Gail Popp & Barb Merry will make you say “home sweet home” at the end of the day with their new website and its features.


When prospective home buyers and home sellers first enter Gail Popp & Barb Merry’s website, they will notice very large and stunning rotating images that evoke a community feel. After scrolling below the virtual fold, four outstanding call-to-action buttons are presented to direct visitors to the appropriate sources of information while also introducing Gail and Barb with an inviting team picture. To bolster relationships with potential clients, a testimonials page is also highlighted on their website.

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Goal of Website

After Stellar Blue had first met the real estate team at an educational workshop at the Stellar Blue Training Studio, Gail Popp and Barb Merry realized that they needed an updated website to go along with the hands-on marketing training. Throughout creating their new marketing tool with Stellar Blue, the main goal of Gail Popp & Barb Merry’s new website is to provide a resource for buyers and sellers in which WordPress has been integrated to allow for simple updating of important information. When moving throughout the new site, potential home buyers will be able to access a property search feature while potential home sellers will be met with a central source of information for listing their property. As another resource and a way to build their online community, a social media sharing bar has also been incorporated into their new site.

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See the site at

Gail Popp and Barb Merry




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