Amanda Betts: Web Design Secrets Interview

Stellar Blue’s own Marketing Director Amanda was interviewed for an article called, “5 Secrets From Web Design Professionals” in the latest issue of the Onsite Installer publication. The original author of the article was Jennifer West. Below are the highlights from Amanda’s commentary:

“We no longer care to read things,” Betts says. “We need to visually tell a story through graphics, icons and images. People are expecting visual, no matter the industry — even in wastewater management.”

“When you get to a homepage, what are the three, four or five call-to-action buttons that you want?” Betts asks. “You need a quick call-to-action because the average time a customer spends on a site is one to two minutes.”

“When I’m working with a small budget or a small business client, I really try to exhaust that opportunity to bring some life to a website,” Betts says. “If there’s something new or relevant to read, you’ll catch Google’s eye.”

“Google can’t read Flash. Mobile devices can’t read Flash,” Betts says. “If Google can’t read your website, it doesn’t know what you want to do. If someone is talking about Flash, turn and walk away.”

To read the full article click here!

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