Snap Your Way into Marketing with Snapchat!

It didn’t take long for Snapchat to catch on after being launched in 2011. By 2013, the ever popular app boasted a whopping 23 million users! With this being said, Snapchat presents marketers with a huge opportunity. But how, you may ask, do you go about marketing using Snapchat?

New Product Previews

Is your brand working on releasing a new product? The best way to create buzz and excitement is giving your consumers a preview of what they are going to see. Previews will leave your consumers wanting more, making sure they will follow your brand all the way to the product launch date. If you are a restaurant you can even preview the special for what you will be serving that day or preview a Friday night special early on in the week.


Hold a competition using Snapchat. Snap your customers with the name of a product that you have, the first person to snap back using the product wins. You can also create a treasure hunt and have individuals snap pictures of the items that they are instructed to find. It’s important to get creative when thinking about competitions for Snapchat; if you keep doing the same thing your consumers may lose interest.

Exclusive Sales

Have exclusive sales just for the individuals that follow you on Snapchat. Snap them with discounts or special offers, some that they may only be able to use in store, that way it gives them a reason to come in.

Consumer Recognition

It’s important to always recognize your consumers and to stay connected. Snap them a picture wishing them a Happy Holiday or Birthday or snap them a friendly thank you for being a valued customer. Either way, your customers need to know they are valued.

However you choose to use Snapchat for marketing, make sure to have a plan behind it, and stay consistent. At Stellar Blue, we understand that it can be tough to stay on top of new trends. We are here to help you snap your way into the digital marketing world. For information on our digital marketing services and how your brand can implement them, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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