Why Responsive Design is Your New Best Friend!

What is responsive design?

In a nutshell, responsive design is an approach of crafting a website that allows the layout of the page to automatically respond to any screen size – whether it be a desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Why you need responsive design.

Consumer’s multi-device path to purchase – A recent Google study has shown that 65% of consumers start shopping on their smartphone and then continue the purchase on either their PC or tablet. This is an earth-shattering statistic that shows just how important it is for your website to be optimized for multiple devices. With over 232 different sized screens on multiple devices, it’s unrealistic to create a website layout for each size. Having a responsive design enables your website to be optimized for every device, ever.

Search engine optimization – Google – the search engine industry leader – has recently stated that responsive design is what they consider to be the industry best practice. This means that if your website is created with a responsive design, it will have better SEO. Google has even stated that they consider responsive design as their recommended mobile configuration. This means responsive design is extremely important for having quality SEO for mobile searches as well.

Less work for the future – Having a responsive designed website enables you to have a page that not only works for the current 7,000 mobile devices but also all future devices! Why should you waste time designing, creating and operating multiple future platform specific websites when you could simply operate one? Having a responsive website will save you a lot of time in the long run and it is a great investment.

A responsive design website will aid in your e-commerce, your SEO strategy and cut down on work for the future. There are many more benefits to responsive design; however, these are a few of the crucial reasons why you should make your website responsive. For more information about responsive designs, check out our examples!

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