Pinterest Rich Pins

Throughout the past few months, Pinterest has had some subtle changes such as a new design and less subtle changes such as the ability for users to pin videos. Now, Pinterest has taken its set of features even further to include rich pins for businesses that allow them to promote products while simultaneously enhancing the user’s shopping experience. Explore the new features and get the most out of your Pinterest page today!

Article Rich Pins

Whether you are trying to promote your next business blog or the ultimate case study, Pinterest allows you to include a headline, author and a story description within your article pins to promote your content. Especially for businesses, this allows you to attach a face with your content to familiarize your audience with your brand and to keep them coming back for your great information.

Product Rich Pins

Especially for B2C companies, the new product Rich Pins is the ultimate feature that will not only help you to promote your products but to also sell more! You can integrate your products from your website so that the prices and availability are shown in real time. Even better yet, you can include your logo to link products back to your store, Shopify platform, Etsy page, and even eBay sales.

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Recipe Rich Pins

Along with enhancing pins for retailers, foodservice businesses now have the opportunity to create their own Rich Pin recipes that outline ingredients, cooking times and serving info. Restaurants can divulge culinary secrets or grocers can pin recipes that utilize their weekly sale items in an effort to drive traffic to their business.

Movie Rich Pins

For the entertainment industry especially, Rich Pins now include information about a film’s cast, directors, ratings and reviews. Although these movie Rich Pins may not be effective for every industry, they can prove beneficial for companies such as electronics retailers who can promote their favorite new films of the month or revisit old classics.

How to Get Rich Pins

If you would like to enhance your own website with Rich Pins, Pinterest provides a developer’s page that will walk you through detailed steps on how to implement it within your own site. First, you must incorporate the code within your website, validate the code and then apply for rich pins to be accepted and used on Pinterest.

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