Stellar Analytics Case Study: New North Summit

New North, Inc., a regional marketing and economic development organization based in Northeast Wisconsin, hosts a regional annual summit event to bring together the business, education and community leaders from around the region. This event’s purpose is to connect network contacts and share economic development updates. Stellar Blue is a proud sponsor of the New North Summit and has the privilege of being the summit’s web developer. Since 2011, the organization has also benefited from Stellar Analytics and our hands-on reporting.

The goal of the first year was to find out how visitors were accessing the site, and which pages they went to. We discovered:

  • 478 visitors found the site via a search engine
  • 1615 visitors went to the registration page for the event
  • 29 visitors accessed the page via mobile device

With this information, we knew the organization had to improve the search engine optimization efforts, as only 10% of visitors were finding the page via search. We also made a mental note to keep track of mobile activity. After creating our summit recap report and reporting to the board, adjustments were made and the next year’s event planning began. We then began noticing considerable growth:

  • 855 visitors (17%) found the site via search engine; a 78.8% increase from the year previous.
  • 2629 visitors went to the registration page; a 62.7% increase from the year previous
  • 448 visitors used a mobile device to access the site; a 1444% increase from the year previous

(After the 2012, event and from our analysis we made a collective decision to make the 2013 summit website responsive designed so it was mobile, tablet and desktop compatible.)

One critical component to increasing the conversion rate for the registration page, was implementing the URL Campaign Builder Tool into the New North’s online marketing strategy. The URL Campaign Builder Tool creates a unique URL for a webpage that you want to track. This allowed the New North to use the unique URL in their e-mail blasts and social marketing efforts. Now the organization was able to track how effective each channel was as well as monitor how many visitors used the unique URL to register for the event.

The Result: Registration increased by 62.7%


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