Four Facebook Tips for the Holidays

With the end of October and transition into November, the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. As stores begin to announce their upcoming Black Friday sales and online retailers prepare for Cyber Monday, you should also be thinking about how to optimize your Facebook page for the holidays. Regardless if you are a brick and mortar store or strictly a web store, Facebook should be a part of your marketing strategy. Here are four free and simple ways to optimize your Facebook Page for the holidays.

Cover Photos

When customers come to your Facebook page, the first thing that they will see is your cover photo. Not only should you be changing your cover photo on a regular basis, but during the holiday’s it’s even more important to update as it attracts customers and gives you the opportunity to promote products, sales, events and other content. Depending on your audience, include a holiday themed message within the cover image or feature winter colors to get your customers in the holiday spirit.

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Profile Photos

Although you might normally keep a consistent, branded profile picture on your Facebook Page, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to change things up and get creative. Consider taking a company holiday photo to use as your profile picture or simply add holiday accents to your existing logo.

Seasonal Social Campaigns

With Facebook’s recent promotional guidelines, brands can now use the timeline and Facebook apps to run campaigns. Consider creating your own branded, reoccurring promotion around the holidays to excite your customers and engage them in your brand. Giveaways, contests and charity events are excellent starting points to create your own holiday campaign.

Click here for more information on Facebook’s recent promotional updates.

App Thumbnails

One overlooked feature on Facebook is the ability to create unique, branded app thumbnails with custom images and messages. Especially for the holidays, this allows you to create specific call-to-actions to certain product pages or even your seasonal promotion.

Still want to know more about utilizing images? Click here for more helpful tips on applying images within social media. 

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