Promotion: It Can Either Make or Break an Event

event promotion“The event has been cancelled due to a limited number of participants.” Unfortunately, for some businesses, this is not an unusual statement. They go through all of the hard work in planning an event, only to have that time wasted because they have to cancel. Often the question they ask themselves is what did we do wrong? The question they should be asking is what could we have done better? That answer . . . Promotion. Promotion is what drives individuals to sign up for or attend your event and share it with others.

Here are 6 ways to promote your next event in order to increase effectiveness and audience reach.

Specialized Images and Videos: As you know, we as humans respond to visual stimulation more than just plain text. It’s important that you create specialized images promoting your event as well as putting together a video that really captures what the attendee will be experiencing beforehand to create excitement. By creating these visuals, you are giving individuals something they can share with others, thus increasing your audience reach.

Blog Posts: Blog posts are a great way to describe the event. You can give details about the event and provide any testimonials from prior events. This is also a great way to use integrated marketing and embed the videos or images you have created about the event right in the blog post.

LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn groups provide a way to reach your target audience. Make sure you are promoting within groups that your target audience are a part of. Provide a link to your blog post and give your target audience a reason to read more about the event, ultimately using all of your promotional materials to achieve the end goal, which is registration.  You can even create a specific LinkedIn Group just for the event and promote that group.

Event Hashtags: Create an event hashtag to be used within Facebook and Twitter. Every single time you make a status about the event on these social platforms, make sure to use the hashtag, so that others will know about it. This will allow you as well as other possible attendees to see what individuals are saying about the event. You can also take any negative feedback and use it to make the event better.

Facebook Events: Not only can you use the social platform to promote your event, but you can also list an event within it as well. It allows you to put the name of the event, invite guests, put event details and list the date, time and place.

Event Listing Sites: There are many free event websites to list your event. One of the more popular sites is Eventbrite. Eventbrite allows for you to create an event webpage, promote the event, sell tickets and take payment.

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