Stellar Analytics Case Study: A Story of Our Own

Stellar Blue Web Design Website!

The Situation: We at Stellar Blue knew we had to measure website traffic if we were going to grow our own business, so in December of 2010, we launched Stellar Analytics. The numbers we were seeing were acceptable, but we’ve never settled for acceptable. Since we live in the digital marketing world, we knew that implementing a well-planned, consistently updated blog was vital to our success. Before we started blogging in March of 2011, we had less than 50 visits a day to our site. How has the change affected our site since then?

2011 (March – December)
• 2514 visits to our blog
• Blog made up 22% of all website traffic

• 13,954 visits to our blog
• Blog made up 45% of all website traffic

Without Stellar Analytics, we wouldn’t have known where to start to improve our site and we would have no idea if our blog was beneficial or not. We now know, without a doubt, that implementing a blog has been crucial to our company’s growth. You can see the chart below to see our website growth over time. Our blog now draws the most traffic of any page on our site and we are now getting the same amount of traffic to our site in a week that we used to get in a month. Using Stellar Analytics has helped us, now it’s time to help you.

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“We are now  getting the same amount of traffic in a week that we used to get in a month.”

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