Addressing the Tough Topics of Social Media & Children

I personally wanted to provide a follow on a workshop we conducted last week on Septembr 26th. It was a different type of educational setting. The tone was not business centered and the goal was not increasing profit. We didn’t discuss brand awareness or the viral ripple effect of social media.

But to date, it was one of our most successful workshops and one I very proud of.

Stellar Blue co-hosted an event with the Center of Suicide Awareness organization. Executive Director of the Center Barb Bigalke organized a group of parents, police officers and local educators and I conducted a workshop on better understanding social networks and online tools so we can protect our youth.

It’s somewhat of a taboo subject; parents feeling overwhelmed and helpless by not knowing what they should keep an eye on or even understanding what they are looking at.

The evening’s session started with me boldly stating, “your kids, your rules.” I am not a parent (I am an aunt, former nanny, and a self-proclaimed protector of the innocent). So I wanted it to be clear that as I make recommendations and generalizations that the parents in the room understood that the most success will come from taking what was discussed and making it work for them and their family.

We reviewed privacy settings of Facebook and Twitter; we went through some “good to knows” about stranger danger and the online resources for reporting; communication recommendations when setting up expectations of children on social channels; and we also addressed cyberbullying and five recommendations on what to do if you suspect it already happening.

The presentation portion was followed by open Q&A which allowed participants to ask questions specific to their own situation.

Even though this workshop shadowed along the under belly of social media’s darker side, we did conclude the evening discussing all the wonderful aspect that social channels have offered: a way to maintain long distance relationships, staying connected to family members, allowing introverts to come out of their shell and find new ways to express themselves, sheer creativity, social awareness, and so much more.

This topic isn’t over and it’s no where near exhausted. The good and bad about social media is that it is constant. It feels in some cases, that you cannot escape it. Leading to many positives as well as negatives. There are plans in the works to do another workshop along these lines and discussing more mobile pieces and certain smartphone applications.

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~Amanda Betts
Marketing Director

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