The Info on Infographics

Infographics are everywhere.  Did you know information published with an infographic grows traffic an average of 12% more than those that don’t?  Are you making any infographics? Is your company using them to their full potential?  If you’re ready to hop on the infographic train the following info is a great place to start.

There is a number of ways to go about making an infographic.  First you need sound data and then you need someone to design the data into a visual masterpiece.    If you are thinking of trying to create an infographic on your own there are really great infographic makers out there.  These can be free and will provide an outlet to display your infographic once it is complete.  Here is the list:

Now you have your infographic made, what are you going to do to get people to see it?  First and formost you need to embed the infographic into you website somewhere, so the infographic always links back to your website bringing your site increased traffic.

Next, if you have a blog write a blog about the infographic and share the blog post in every social media possible.  Then share it again.  It took time to make the infographic so why not share it several times.  They say a tweet on twitter last about 20 minutes, and a facebook post lasts as little as 3 hours.  So re-post using different verb-age at different times of the day.  Other places to share.  Post it to a press release, as well find different sights that will host your infographic.

At Stellar we recently created the  infographic below.   In the infographic we made sure to include our logo and contact information, great stats, a good use of color combinations, and comparable data.

For other musts on an infographic and different ideas for increasing  traffic to your infographic,visit the two blogs below: viral/

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