How Glipho can help your business

Social media is in a constant transitioning state. One platform that recently launched is evidence of this and is part of the next generation of social platforms. Glipho—launched in March—is a social blogging platform that integrates all other social media platforms. Like all social platforms, there is a benefit for business use.

The Stellar Blue team recently had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Glipho—Roger Planes—and we wanted his opinion about what the platform has to offer the business world. The following is part of Roger Plane’s response!

Immediate Audience – Unlike a traditional blogging platform, Glipho’s social network features mean that our users have direct access to a built-in audience, with whom it is easy to create engagement. Rather than spending time, money, and effort on trying to find an audience for their content, businesses can focus on creating quality posts that will immediately reach their customers and potential customers without additional effort on their part.

Easy Engagement – Because it is a social network as well as a blogging platform, Glipho enables businesses to engage directly with their audience. This helps businesses to build relationships and create advocates for their brand, building a sustainable network that will pay out over time. Furthermore, Glipho’s Reply feature (creating a post to reply to another post and linking the two) can be harnessed by businesses to generate third-party content about their brand, creating a ripple effect of conversation and influence for their business and increasing their earned credibility.

Industry Awareness – On Glipho, you cannot only follow individual writers but you can also follow specific topics. So if a business follows all the topics that could relate to them, they can track the industry space that their brand occupies and see what people are saying about them, their competitors, and the industry generally.

 Built-in SEO – Glipho’s SEO value is much higher than a regular blog or static webpage because its frequency of updates means that Google crawls it much more regularly and so its ranking rises faster. And one doesn’t need to pay an SEO agent for it. So instead of spending time and money on chasing a moving target, businesses can simply take advantage of Glipho’s SEO by publishing original content on the platform and then their own site also gets the SEO benefit of links back to it.

Glipho is still in its infancy but has the momentum to become one of the dominant social media platforms out there. Harnessing social media channels is a must for marketing, and with Glipho starting to rise it may be the next place your target marketi is spending time

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