Is Glipho the Next Big Thing in Social Media?

What is Glipho? You may have asked yourself this. Well, we have news for you! Glipho is a brand new social media platform that originated in the UK and was launched in March. Glipho is dedicated to bloggers; it brings together both blogging and social media into one platform.

This new platform also integrates other major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn. Being in the infancy stages of development, one can only guess where it could go from here! Seeing the possibilities of this up and coming platform the Stellar Blue team contacted the CEO of Glipho— Roger Planes—for an interview. The following are a few of his answers!

Define Glipho to the every day user?

“Glipho is the first social network dedicated to bloggers, readers, and anybody who is interested in text content. Create a profile and start writing or follow your favorite writers and topics and engage with them. Glipho has no designs, no themes, no plugins; we have built an easy-to-use blogging platform so you can spend your time actually writing.”

What sparked the idea for Glipho?

“ While we have completely changed the way we use the Internet over the last decade, traditional blogging has remained the same as it was all those years ago when Blogger first launched in 1999. Why do we blog? We blog because we like writing, we want to share what we write with the world, and to a certain extent we want people to read what we have written. Comments and engagement? That’s the dream for a big percentage of the bloggers out there. If this is what we want from blogging, why are we spending more time with design, templates, social plugins, external communities and looking for an audience who will read our content than actually writing? This was the starting point for creating Glipho. We wanted to offer a platform where people could simply write and engage, while also discovering what other people from all around the world were writing about.”

Do you have anything the general public would like to know?

“To the public I’d like to say: if you enjoy writing or you have something to say, Glipho is the place to share your thoughts and be sure that somebody is reading them. And for readers, there are more than 200K posts about anything and everything ready for you to discover them. Happy blogging.”

Glipho, although young, is still revolutionary. It will be important for marketers to watch as this platform grows in order to harness it for business. Keep an eye out for future posts including more of Stellar Blue’s interview with Roger Planes. Until then, go to and start an account!

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