Email Subject Line to Do’s

A subject line for your e-mail can make all the difference from someone opening your email to someone deleting it.  Below are 4 tips to be aware of:

1)  Establishing trust first is very important.  People don’t want to open e-mails they are unfamiliar with, for fear of a virus or unwanted information.  To create trust, send emails with the same sender name.

2)  Make sure the content is relevant and reader friendly by using lists and break points.

3)  Perform mail-outs to your list on Tuesday or Wednesday. These days seem to have higher open rate than any other.

4)  Consider testing your subject line with smaller groups, with Stellar Blue’s E-mail client they make it really easy to split test your e-mails to see which subject line received more clicks.  Click here to learn more about the Stellar E-mail client we offer.

What determines whether you open an email? The sender builds the trust and the subject line lures them in. Don’t choose subject lines that appeal to you, appeal to your audience. Here is a list of ideas for the subject line:

  • Tell them what is inside: 20% off our Spring Collection! Code inside, This month’s must-read blog posts for digital marketers, 6 Steps to Better Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Talk about what’s trending:   Top Twitter Trick Must-Haves!  or Trend Alert: Facebook Cover Photo Musts
  • Ask a question:   Is your website not performing? Try these success tips.
  • Make it Exclusive:  Read Only if You are Social Media Guru.
  • Keep it short:  55 characters or less
  • Create Urgency:  Last day to redeem 50% off code
  • Beneficial Open:  In This Email: $10 Coupon
  • Valuable Information: Marketing Secrets from the Pros
  • “How-To” Email Subject Lines: How to Create Buzz for Your Business
  • Target Subjects with Location, Seasonal, and Holiday words:  Teaching Fox Cities Business about Twitter, Back to School Workshops

Data has told us that email campaigns are one of the most effective online tactics a marketer can do. Most importantly continue to try different subject lines, make sure the subject line is consistent with the content to continue to build trust, and track your success and failures.

Take a look at this great infographic on e-mail marketing from the eMerge blog!

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