Bounces and Exits, and Actions! Oh My!

If you’re just starting to use Website Analytics, it can be a pretty daunting task. There are a lot of words, definitions, and stats to keep track of (no pun intended) and if you’re not ready for the information, it can be overwhelming. Don’t let bounce and exits scare you away, Stellar Blue is here to the rescue!

An Example of Stats

Definitions to Know

While there are many different stats and terms that you’ll run into when you first start using analytics we want give you a head start by covering the most important ones, and why they are important.

Bounce Rate

  • When a user enters your website, regardless of what page they enter, and immediately leave without going to another page, this is considered a bounce.
  • The bounce rate takes the total # of bounces, and divides it by a number of visits
  • If  your site has too high of a bounce rate, you may need to rethink how your site is structured
  • You’ll want to aim to have a bounce rate between 40 – 50%

Exit Rates

  • Whenever a user leaves on a page, it’s considered an exit
  • The exit rate takes the total # of exits for a page, and divides it by a number of page views
  • Users have to leave at some point, so having a high exit rate is not always bad
    • Contact Us is a page that usually has high exit rates due to the information that is provided


  • Anytime a user clicks to go to a page, download a file, click on an outlink, or do an internal search on your site.
  • This stat is normally tracked as Actions Per Visit
  • If your site has a low actions per visit, users are not interacting enough on your site
  • 4.5 actions per visit is a good number to strive for


  • This is a hub where all of the widgets for tracking can be placed
  • Great place to put the most important stats, so that you can quickly track that stats that are the  most important to you

These terms will get you on the right track to knowing and understanding analytics better. To learn even more about the ins and outs of analytics, be sure to Register for our Stellar Analytics Workshop on October 16t!

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