Take Your Business Mobile: Apps to Keep Your Business Moving

Best Business AppsWhat is the one thing that you always carry on you no matter what? That’s right your smartphone. As the popularity of smartphone usage has risen, this device has been your connection to contacts, e-mail, and pretty much everything you need to run your business while you are on the go. What really makes a smartphone so useful is the apps that you are able to utilize on your phone. Check out these business apps that will help you stay as close to your business as possible without actually being there.

Everest: Everest is an iOS app that helps you achieve personal goals. You are able to break goals into smaller, manageable steps and are reminded to achieve these steps through the Everest app. Everest is designed for your goal completion.

Evernote: Evernote is an iOS app that lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and search for these notes wherever you may be.

Gmail: Gmail is an Android and iOS app for Google e-mail users. It lets you manage, compose, and search for mail. It also lets you manage multiple accounts all in the same app.

Dropbox: Dropbox is an Android and iOS app that allows you to bring photos, docs and videos anywhere. Any file that you save that is on a device with the Dropbox app, will automatically be stored in your dropbox to be accessed from any device.

CardMunch: CardMunch is an iOS app that turns your business cards into contacts in your phone.

Quickbooks Online: Quickbooks Online is an Android and iOS app that lets you take your bookkeeping anywhere. If you are a Quickbooks online user the application is free. It allows you to view customer invoicing, estimates, payments and sales receipts.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an Android and iOS app that allows you to stay socially connected to the business community and allows you to develop leads and follow up with those leads on the go.

Mileage Tracker: Mileage Tracker is an Android and iOS app that allows you to accurately track your mileage and turn it into an expense.

Social Media Management Apps: Apps like Hootsuite and Sprout Social are available on Android and iOS devices. They allow you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place and schedule posts on the go.

Stay connected anywhere you go. For questions on ways to keep your business connected contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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