A Picture is Worth 1,000 Impressions

There is an old adage that says that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Social media images on the other hand are worth more like 1,000 impressions. Images used throughout social media channels are effective in not only explaining your products or services, but also in promoting your brand, engaging users, event documentation and so much more than 1,000 words. Here are tips, tools and tricks to help you better implement images within your social media strategy.

Managing Your Photos

Keeping track of your photo posts, likes, comments and shares can be difficult as you gain a large number of photos and content where photos have been incorporated. With tools such as Hootsuite and Statigram (Instagram specific platform), you can not only keep track of all of your photos and their activity, but you can even like, comment and share other’s photos right from one central site. Check out how to utilize your Pinterest analytics here.

Editing Your Photos

Are your images beginning to look too stagnant and uninviting? Filters, text and even simple image collages are easy ways to spruce up your photos and make them exciting and attractive. You can pose an interesting question with a product photo or create captivating collages of your last company event. Free photo editing tools such as Pixlr and BeFunky offer great effects and features that are quick and easy to use. Learn how to create Facebook Cover Photos with Pixlr here.

Here is an example collage including text of the Stellar Marketing Team after our first Bagels and Brains event. The photo boosted shares, likes and awareness for the Stellar brand and services.

Sharing Your Photos

Social media is all about interactions and sharing of content between people. Make sure that your photos can be easily shared and implemented in other areas such as your website or blog. SnapWidget is an excellent tool that will help you embed images and Pinterest’s buttons will help people share your photos across web.

Creating a Photo Contest

People love to compete and they love to win even more. Consider incorporating images within a social media contest in some way to engage users, get more fans or even increase your brand awareness. You can create a contest where people have to submit pictures using your products or even a contest incorporating a photo scavenger hunt. Click here for more information on Facebook’s recent contest rules updates.

Here is an example of an image used for the Stellar Keyword Contest to promote the grand prize. The image helped to increase active participants who engaged with our contest and social media channels.

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