SoLoMo: Don’t Fear Local SEO!

When we think of SEO, we often think of keywords, link building and meta data as the main factors to boost the search engine rankings of websites. What we may not avidly think about are simple Social (So), Local (Lo) and Mobile (Mo) factors that can influence your SEO strategy and benefit your users’ experience at the same time. Here are SoLoMo tactics that you can start implementing to improve your website.


Social Branding – Social signals such as likes, comments, shares and retweets have become a mainstay on the web as people use these tools to communicate as well as search engines incorporating them within their search algorithms. Make sure to include social media icons on not only your website, but your blog, newsletter, eBooks and anything else where relevant. When people use icons to share or comment, make sure to communicate with them as a brand and facilitate an excellent discussion.

Google+ – Don’t forget to utilize Google+, it’s more than a social media platform! Google has incorporated its own social media channel within its search algorithm to aid in searches. By utilizing the rel=author and rel=publisher tags, brands can link articles back to certain Google+ profiles to not only put a face with their messages, but to also improve the chances of your content showing up within local listings.


Managing Local Listings – With the increase in smartphone usage by consumers, people are accessing multiple local searches on websites such as Yelp, Google Places and dozens of others that you may not even know that your business is present on. It’s important to ensure that these local searches all have consistent information that’s accessible and optimized for search engines to ensure that your brand is found. You can take it a step further and include any maps, directions, geo-tag coordinates and more within your own content to boost local searches.

For more information on how to manage your local listings and optimize them for your local SEO, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!


One Second or Less – Whether you have a responsive designed website or a mobile website, it’s crucial to improve its performance and specifically its load speed. Research has shown that if a website takes longer than one second to load, a user’s flow of thought is interrupted leading to a poor experience. If your sites takes too long to load, you may lose a potential customer altogether. If that’s not reason enough, Google ranks businesses with optimized mobile experiences higher than those who don’t.

Local SEO is imperative for any business to establish themselves on the web and to reach high quality customers. Contact a Stellar Blue expert today to find the right solution for your business today!   

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