So What Exactly are the Plusses of Google+?

google plusIf we were having this conversation a year ago, chances are you wouldn’t think there were any plusses to Google+, in fact, most marketers and users of social media didn’t think Google+ would even take off. The truth is, according to, Google+ is now at more than 343 million users, surpassing Twitter to become the second-largest social media platform. So what are the benefits for using Google+?

Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are groups of people who share similar interests. Communities allow individuals to share relevant photos, information and videos with each other for teaching and creating discussion. For marketers and brands alike, Google+ communities are a great tool for reaching your audience, being able to share events, news and information that they are able to utilize. The ultimate goal is to prove that you are a topic expert. For example, if you are a marketing firm, join all of the relevant marketing communities and share marketing tips and tricks that others will be able to utilize. The individuals within these communities will now look to you for advice on marketing. One important note to remember for Google + communities is that you don’t want to post just to post. Make sure that you are posting items that people will want to see or read.


Google+ allows for individuals to plus-one a brand page or post. This is a quick and painless way for a customer or prospect to endorse or recommend your business. The great part of having plus one’s for your brand is that they show up in a Google search. If you write a popular blog post that receives a large amount of plus ones, Google search users will be able to see the popularity of this article and will be more likely to click on your post.

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a tool used for videoconferencing allowing for your brand to be virtual. Google Hangouts enables your brand to hold small or large group meetings, solve customer service issues and even host workshops.

It is safe to say Google+ is a tool that your brand should not ignore as it begins to take off. It truly deserves a “+1” for all of its useful features. If you have questions on how your brand can benefit from Google+ or how to utilize any of its tools, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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