newVoices New Website: Rebranding While Acknowledging Tradition

With the launch of their new custom website, the newVoices is singing with excitement as they rebrand themselves from the White Heron Chorale to their new title. Although we may be preaching to the choir, this exciting website includes stunning features on the homepage to attract the local community to its artistic talent.


When visitors first enter the site, they will notice a large homepage rotation with images that introduce the visitors to the choir as well as portray their professionalism. A simple navigation bar is located above the homepage rotation along with three inviting call-to-actions directing site visitors to tickets, media and an opportunity to donate to the newVoices to perpetuate their tradition. To aid in the updating of their ticket information, photo gallery and other content, the newVoices website features WordPress integration along with a responsive design so desktop and mobile users can access the content. 

Goal of Website

The main goal of the website is to gracefully introduce the newVoices name change while still keeping a consistent message about the organization. Supplementing the homepage’s design is a large newVoices logo that draws in the visitor’s attention, noting their name change from White Heron Chorale to their new title. As a sponsor for the local not for profit, Stellar Blue was able to aid in the newVoices rebranding while still acknowledging their tradition and professionalism. The newVoices laces all of their sponsors’ branding throughout their website in an unobtrusive and yet informative manner recognizing their support.

See the site at

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