The shift to mobile in Northeast Wisconsin

Rise of mobile wisconsin

The world is going mobile. Data shows that more people buy mobile devices than PC computers, and with 58% of U.S. consumers owning a Smartphone; one can’t help but see the importance of following these trends. These shifts are on a global scale, however, they can also be seen very distinctly at a local level, especially in Northeast, Wisconsin!

Evidence of the shift

Through extensive research using our Stellar Analytic tools the Stellar Blue staff has witnessed mobile device use on the rise for multiple years in a row, in Northeast, Wisconsin. The latest analytics reports from the websites we have recently launched illustrate this mobile shift quite clearly. For example, a website we launched for an event called the Mile of Music was viewed by mobile devices 45% of the time this past August! Nearly half the views came from mobile devices; statistically, this is a tremendous percentage. Another website we recently launched for an event called Quarry Quest, has had a remarkable 49.56% traffic solely from mobile devices—and this event took place only two days before this was posted.  These two examples show strong evidence for the shift to mobile in Northeast, Wisconsin is happening, right now.

What to expect from the future

The mobile shift will not stop here! Everything will soon be geared to mobile devices in Wisconsin, and around the world. Soon, most of online revenue will be coming from mobile devices. Slow loading and non-responsive websites will fall to the wayside compared to fast loading, responsive designed sites built for any screen size and device. The benefit from the mobile shift in marketing will be immeasurable. Marketing to mobile users will be not only more cost effective but also more personalized to the customer and the success of personalized marketing will increase.

What can you do?

Start by taking action today. Whether you are a Wisconsin entrepreneur or a CEO of a fortune 500 company, you need to start planning for the shift to mobile! You must make sure your marketing plan is mobile friendly.  Meeting the customer where they spend time will be the most essential task of the future of marketing, and right now, it looks like their time will be spent on mobile devices. If you have any questions about mobile marketing, feel free to contact us at Stellar Blue.

What ways have you seen the shift to mobile?

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